Wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal In Delhi

Wisdom tooth removal is a surgical process for removing 1 or more wisdom teeth. In case a wisdom tooth has no space to grow, it results in infection, pain, and other dental issues. At Advanced Dental Clinic, a trained oral surgeon performs this extraction. For preventing possible future issues, our dentists recommend wisdom tooth removal even if affected teeth are not causing issues presently.

Why Is Wisdom Tooth Removed?

Many people suffer from affected wisdom teeth that don’t get sufficient space for erupting into the mouth or growing normally. Affected wisdom teeth may create the issues mentioned below:

  • Complications with orthodontic treatment for straightening other teeth.
  • Pain
  • Growth of a cyst around the wisdom tooth
  • Damage to surrounding bones or a nearby tooth
  • Gum disease or infection
  • Trapping food and debris behind this tooth

It is hard to anticipate future issues with affected wisdom teeth. Nevertheless, here is the whole idea for precautionary tooth extraction:

  • If there is not sufficient space for your tooth to break out, it’s sometimes difficult to reach it and clean it appropriately.
  • Symptom-free wisdom teeth could still shelter disease.
  • Older adults may encounter problems with surgery and post-surgery complications.
  • Younger adults experience serious problems with wisdom teeth less often.

To make a decision, our dentist will look at the position of your teeth and the shape of your mouth. After all, your age also matters.

If you are still not prepared to part with your molars, ask our dentist to describe what he discovers in your teeth. In several cases, you can wait many months to see whether things change before making a decision. However, in case you feel pain or notice a bad odor or swelling near your back teeth, you must look at it again.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal In Delhi
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