Bad Breath Treatment East Delhi

Best Bad Breath Treatment East Delhi: Cost of Bad Breath Treatment Delhi

We at The Advanced Dental Clinic offer the best treatment for your smile correction. Bad Breath or Oral Malodour can be easily fixed with the help of Gum Treatments, Oral Hygiene Maintenance Scaling and Polishing, and Medicines. The charges for Rs 2,500 for teeth cleaning and scaling. at The Advanced Dental Clinic East Delhi – Bad Breath Treatment Delhi

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    Bad Breath Treatment Delhi

    Bad Breath Treatment East Delhi

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    Poonam Beniwal
    Poonam Beniwal
    Visited this clinic for fluorosis and post treatment, I am very satisfied with the results. Thankyou to Dr Arshita and the whole team of advanced dental clinic.
    Nitish Jain
    Nitish Jain
    I got my fillings done from Dr. Neha aggarwal at advanced dental clinic. It was a very stress free and comfortable appointment. I didn't feel any pain and very happy with the kind of treatment and hospitality I received. The team was very supportive and helpful.
    Dev Rawat
    Dev Rawat
    Thank you so much Dr Neha & Dr Arshita for the wonderful treatment and giving me beautiful and confident smile again, I was little confused in the beginning but after the consultation i was really confident that whatever you would do its going to the best for me, the staff who is working there is really professional and cooperative, cleaning and hygiene is Top Notch, i would recommend Advanced Dental Clinic to everyone without any doubt. Thanks a lot once again ❤️
    Geet darmal
    Geet darmal
    Amazing staff. Very friendly staff and organised place. Would definately visit more for oral health l.
    Jaskaran Singh
    Jaskaran Singh
    Wonderful experience

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    What is Halitosis: Bad Breath Treatment East Delhi

    Halitosis or bad breath is a common dental problem in people with poor oral hygiene. However, there can be other reasons for bad odor, and depending on the cause Bad Breath Treatment East Delhi is planned. There can be a variety of foul smells like fruity smell, rotten smell, and sour smelling bad odor. These foul smells indicate different conditions and can help diagnose underlying medical problems.

    Therefore, it is important not to ignore these warning signs and get yourself checked at our East Delhi center to manage bad odor effectively.

    Causes of bad breath: Bad Breath Treatment East Delhi

    Improper oral hygiene

    • The most common cause of foul smell or bad odor is improper oral hygiene. Proper maintenance is not just about brushing your teeth. There are certain deposits that are not cleaned by brushing and need professional cleaning.
    • Besides cleaning the teeth from the visible surface, it is important to clean them in between with dental flossing. 
    • Complete oral hygiene involves cleaning the tongue as well with a tongue scraper

    Strong Food 

    Eating strong foods like garlic and onion can leave a strong odor. Other foods and beverages that cause a foul smell are alcohol, sodas, cheese, and certain spices.


    Chewing or smoking tobacco is another cause of bad breath. Smoking also makes the gums prone to disease that leads to inflammation and the spread of infection. Gum diseases also manifest as bad breath in advanced stages.

    Dry mouth

    Your mouth has saliva that acts as a natural cleanser, and dry mouth is a condition that causes bad breath due to improper cleaning on the tooth surface. The food we eat starts to form a layer on the teeth that are not cleaned due to a lack of saliva


    Certain medicines like tranquilizers and phenothiazines also cause dry mouth and fowl smell

    Medical problems

    • Allergies 
    • Respiratory tract infection
    • Diabetes
    • GERD
    • Liver or kidney problems
    • Chronic lung problems
    • Digestive issues

    How to diagnose bad breath?

    The effective bad breath treatment East Delhi largely depends on the cause of bad breath.

    Certain specific tests are available for identifying the cause of bad breath in Delhi

    • Gas chromatography
    • BANA test
    • Halimeter

    How to cure and prevent bad breath: Bad Breath Treatment East Delhi

    Proper cleaning of the teeth

    The best way to manage bad breath is by properly cleaning the teeth. Learning the correct brushing technique is crucial for effective cleaning. Use dental floss to clean the proximal areas.

    Regular visits with the dentist

    A professional cleaning every four to six months is essential to eliminate the hard deposits that are not cleaned with brushing. The cleaning can be superficial or deep, depending on the condition and the severity of the plaque deposit.

    Effective cleaning of the tongue

    The tongue is often the ignored part when it comes to cleaning. Use a tongue scraper to remove the coating from it to manage bad breath

    Replace your brush every three months

    Your brush needs to be replaced regularly to maintain its effectiveness.

    Drinking more water 

    Stay hydrated by drinking more water if the cause of bad breath is dry mouth. Seek medical help if certain medications are causing dryness.

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