Space Maintainers in Delhi

Your kid may require space maintainers in case he/she loses teeth early or gets a primary/baby tooth removed because of tooth decay. In terms of any aforesaid case, you must know the advantages of using a space maintainer and how it is helpful in supporting your kid’s dental wellbeing – The Advanced Dental Clinic East Delhi.

Space Maintainers in East Delhi – It is not just about Milk Tooth Extraction

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    Space Maintainers in Delhi – For a Longer Lasting Dental Health of your Child

    Space Maintainers in East Delhi


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    Space Maintainers in East Delhi

    What Is A Space Maintainer?

    This tool is tailor-made by an orthodontist in metal or acrylic material. It can be either cemented in a kid’s mouth or removable. It is used for keeping the space open for enabling the permanent teeth to appear and come into place. Primary teeth are essential for the growth of jawbones, muscles, and teeth and help guide the permanent teeth into place when the primary teeth are lost. In case the space is unmaintained, teeth can move to the open space and orthodontic treatment may be needed. Not every kid who loses a primary tooth early or to tooth decays needs a space maintainer; nevertheless, an expert consultation with our orthodontist or dentist at Advanced Dental Clinic must be conducted to decide if the use of space maintainers is required.

    Space Maintainers in Vivek Vihar Delhi
    Space Maintainers Treatment in Delhi

    Types of Space Maintainers

    Two types of space maintainers for kids include:

    1. Fixed – 4 different types of Fixed Space Maintainers are available – Lingual, Distal Shoe, Crown & Loop, and Unilateral.

    2. Removable – These are the same as orthodontic tools and are generally made of acrylic. In a few cases, an artificial tooth is possibly utilized for filling a space that should be open for the non-erupted tooth.

    How to Wear the Space Maintainer

    Once our dentist or orthodontist makes the appliance, it takes the kid some days for being prepared to wearing the fixed or removable space maintainer. Our dentist will review with the kid and parent for thoroughly cleaning the space maintainers and keeping the gum tissue free of plaque and healthy. Proper guidance for teeth brushing and flossing will be offered for enhanced oral hygiene.

    In terms of a removable space maintainer, your child must avoid sugary and chewy foods, which may get caught or loosen on this dental apparatus. The appliance must not be pushed or pressed using fingers or the tongue as it could bend or loosen the space maintainer.

    Our dentist or orthodontist will see the child regularly to monitor his/her treatment progress with the space maintainers. Book an appointment with our dental expert for professional cleaning!

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    What are space maintainers? – Space Maintainers in Delhi

    Space maintainers are devices that prevent space closure in a baby’s mouth. There is a specific time of exfoliation for the milk teeth. The adult teeth start forming inside the bone, pushing the baby teeth out as they emerge. In some cases, the baby’s teeth fall out before time. This early loss of teeth can be a problem as the permanent tooth is not fully developed to take its space. Here comes the role of a space maintainer. The device not only prevents space loss, but it also prevents migration of the adjacent baby teeth into that space – The Advanced Dental Clinic Delhi

    In the information provided below, we will briefly discuss the types and importance of space maintainers

    Why are space maintainers needed? – Space Maintainers in Delhi

    • Space maintainers or spacers are essential because:
    • They maintain the space for the eruption of adult teeth
    • They prevent the migration of baby teeth into the space
    • Eliminate the risk of crowding
    • Maintain the arch in symmetry 

    Causes of early loss of baby teeth – Space Maintainers in Delhi

    There can be several reasons for the early loss of milk teeth. The baby’s teeth are more prone to cavities, and if not treated promptly, the decay starts to spread. This spread of the decay finally leads to the exfoliation of the teeth.

    Another major cause of falling out of baby teeth is trauma or direct injury. At its growing age, the child is slowly learning motor skills. There are high chances of trauma or direct damage to the front teeth. Baby teeth are essential for the development of proper speech and chewing abilities. If lost prematurely, the space maintainers help the child with these functions.

    Types of space maintainers – Space Maintainers in East Delhi


    They are the space maintainers made up of acrylic in the form of an appliance. They are not fixed to the teeth and can be easily removed.


    They are the variety of space maintainers that are cemented to the tooth. Different fixed space maintainers are planned according to the child’s age and current dental status.


    How do they work? – Space Maintainers in Delhi

    Space maintainers prevent the need for braces treatment by eliminating the risk of developing crooked teeth. Space maintainers work by maintaining the space for the eruption of adult teeth. Some space maintainers guide the eruption of the adult tooth. Some portion of the guiding space maintainer is inside the bone, where the adult tooth is placed. The portion inside the bone acts as a guide plane for the erupting tooth.

    For long can they stay in the mouth? – Space Maintainers in East Delhi

    The space maintainers are planned after clinically and radiologically assessing the case. Each individual is different, and the type of space maintainer is decided after carefully examining the status. The time the space maintainer is kept inside the mouth depends upon the time of eruption of permanent teeth. As soon as the tooth starts to erupt, the space maintainer should be removed to allow proper and complete eruption of the adult teeth.

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