Teeth Reshaping in Delhi

Teeth Recontouring in East Delhi – Tooth reshaping, or tooth recontouring, is the reshaping of the surface of the teeth. The process helps to improve overall oral health, and it can be used to make certain modifications to the teeth’s surface or overall appearance. The exterior of the teeth can be modified to correct imperfections or to enhance their natural beauty. Innovative technology plays a big role in reshaping the teeth in question. – The Advanced Dental Clinic East Delhi – Teeth Reshaping in East Delhi

Teeth Reshaping in East Delhi – A New Way to get Teeth Recontouring Done

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    Teeth Recontouring in Delhi – Instant Repair of Chipped Teeth

    Teeth Reshaping in India


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    Teeth Reshaping in East Delhi

    What is Teeth Reshaping?

    Teeth reshaping is a process of altering the shape, size, and surface texture of the tooth. The procedure is also called as tooth recontouring. By reshaping the teeth, it helps in improving overall oral health. The reshaping process is completely natural and organic. The reshaped tooth looks and feels like the original tooth. One of the common reasons for reshaping the tooth is to improve biting and chewing function. Any teeth that are sharp, chipped, broken or worn can be reshaped by the procedure. Teeth reshaping can also improve the appearance of the tooth and

    Teeth Reshaping in East Delhi
    Teeth Reshaping treatment Delhi

    Teeth Recontouring and Teeth Reshaping: Overview

    When you smile, it says a lot about how you feel and what you think. Many people want to look younger with brighter teeth and a confident smile that radiates from their whole face. Tooth reshaping or tooth recontouring is a modern technique using dental technology to accomplish this aim. It is the process of creating a smile that everyone will love and it is all about health improvement.

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    Marie Montgomery
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    Devender Goel
    Best clinic in east delhi.i really appreciate dr neha for treating me when i was in real bad pain.full marks to cleanliness and staff behaviour.
    Anshumala Mishra
    Anshumala Mishra
    I got my cavity fillings and scaling done at advanced dental clinic. The Dentist was amazing and it a great experience. Staff and everyone was so professional. I loved the kids play area over here. I must recommend it for family and kids.
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    From my first step through the doors I was treated very well.The Receptionist and Dentist were kind, patient, and explained everything clearly and thoroughly. Advanced Dental Clinic is the Best Dental Clinic in East Delhi !
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    Jasmeet Kaur
    I had the best experience here at Advanced Dental Clinic, No doubt It is Best Dental clinic in East Delhi! It is an absolutely clean and modern dental clinic. Dr Neha G Aggarwal was amazing and so welcoming and professional. I would definitely recommend.
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    Anmol Singh
    Everyone at clinic from front desk staff to Dr Neha she is super friendly, Best dentist in East Delhi, professional and really seem to be enjoying themselves. Such a good vibe. I'm really glad I decided to go there and discussed my treatment plan.I will highly recommended this place.
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    Renuka Goyal
    Advanced Dental Clinic led by Dr Neha Best Dentist in East Delhi. and her amazing staff. I know most of them by name, it’s more than a clinic. The staff is super friendly, and the dentist does an amazing job. I will highly recommend them to anyone.
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    Vishal Verma
    Amazed by their kind gesture! Service is phenomenal. Went for dental cleaning, experience was quite smooth. Dr. Neha & staff does an amazing job!! Highly Recommended!

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    What is Teeth Reshaping or Tooth recontouring? – Teeth Recontouring in Delhi

    Teeth reshaping or tooth recontouring is the minimally invasive procedure used to alter the shape, size, and surface texture. The process helps in improving overall oral health and enhancing your smile.

    If you are not satisfied with the shape or size of your teeth, then it is suggested to consider teeth reshaping procedure. Our dedicated team of esthetic dentists at advanced dental, Delhi, will first examine your case clinically to formulate a customized treatment plan.

    Tooth recontouring or teeth reshaping done in east Delhi at advanced dental is an entirely painless and safe procedure. We prioritize your comfort and safety while providing the best quality long-term results.

    Indications for tooth reshaping – Teeth Recontouring in East Delhi

    • Individuals with irregularly shaped teeth
    • People with minor chips at the edges of teeth
    • Individuals who want a finishing touch after braces treatment
    • Minor crowding
    • Misaligned teeth

    Benefits of teeth reshaping

    • Make your smile attractive and confident
    • Better oral health
    • Minimizes the risk of tooth decay
    • It makes brushing and flossing easy
    • It helps improve the bite
    • It makes you feel more confident

    Before the procedure

    A proper clinical examination is done, followed by a radiographic investigation if necessary. This step is crucial as we need to know the status of the nerves and vessels of your teeth before proceeding with recontouring.

    After the proper evaluation of the case is done, it is decided if the tooth recontouring is the best treatment for your concern. otherwise, alternate treatment options are explained by our aesthetic dentists at advanced dental, East Delhi

    During the procedure – Teeth Reshaping in East Delhi

    • The procedure is entirely safe and painless. As we are just reshaping the first layer called the enamel of the teeth and teeth recontouring doesn’t require going deep into the tooth, there is no need for anesthesia.
    • You might feel slight vibration while the recontouring is done, but there is no pain or discomfort.
    • The tooth is adequately shaped compared with the adjacent tooth to maintain the proper natural anatomy and form.
    • After sculpting the tooth, it is finished and polished using the sandpaper disk to give a smooth texture and finish.

    Aftercare for teeth reshaping

    • After the procedure is finished, the tooth must be taken care of adequately to maintain the enhanced look.
    • The recontoured enamel is at risk of discoloration; hence the individual must avoid food items that can cause staining.
    • Apart from regular brushing and flossing, you must regularly attend follow-up visits with your dentist.

    Why advanced dental clinic

    We at the advanced dental clinic, in East Delhi have a dedicated team of cosmetic dentists available who are trained specifically to deal with all kinds of aesthetic concerns. With the latest technology and the best quality material, we ensure you get long-lasting results.

    Your safety is of prime concern when it comes to any dental treatment at our clinic therefore, we maintain international standards of sterilization

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