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    Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment East Delhi

    Enhances Self Esteem

    Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment Enhances Self Esteem and boosts confidence. It is a s procedure that should be done every 6-10 months depending on the need of the patient.

    Bright Shining Smile

    Our Teeth Whitening Treatment at Advanced Dental Clinic gives splendid Whitening Results. This gives our Patients Shiny Bright Smile, which is long-lasting.

    Safe Treatment Option

    At Advanced Dental Clinic, Vivek Vihar, East Delhi, we believe that everyone must undergo the Teeth Whitening procedure depending on their needs. It is a very safe procedure and is non-invasive in nature.

    Can be done in Single Appointment

    At Advanced Dental Clinic, East Delhi, our main agenda is to ensure a faster and effective treatment for one and all. Teeth Whitening Procedure can be performed in about an hour’s time and in most cases one appointment is ample.

    Professional Teeth Whitening East Delhi – Advanced Dental Clinic Delhi

    What are the benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment?

    1. Enhances Self Esteem.

    2. Reduces the Yellowish-Brownish Discoloration on the Tooth Surfaces.

    3. Gives you a Brighter Smile.

    4. Enhances and Improves Overall Oral Health Status.

    5. Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment has longer-lasting results if the patient maintains their oral hygiene well.

    6. Teeth Whitening is a very safe and effective treatment that can be done in a single visit.

    Cost of Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment?

    The present requirements of your teeth before going for Teeth Whitening. Ideally, the cost of each and every treatment Which you undergo depends on Plenty of factors, such as:

    1. How many stains and deposits are there.

    2. Then comes, the cost of the tools and the teeth-whitening Gel we’re using.

    3. Before finalizing and heading for Teeth Whitening, we’d make sure all those things are fixed or not.

    4. Aside from that, how well your tooth is shaped, are there any cracks, ditches and much more over any prior harm is there or not.

    Every one of these factors decides the final price of this treatment.

    Here’s what our Patients say about us

    •       "I got my Root canal done and i m very satisfied and happy with the treatment and Dr. Neha is so polite."
      - Rabeena Khan
    •   "Very happy with the treatment. l was so scared with the dentist but Dr. Neha and her staff help me with my phobia and m very much satisfied with my treatment."
      - Vinod Gupta
    •     "I visited Advanced dental clinic when I was in so much of pain. I was always scared of dentist but when I visited Dr. Neha Aggarwal was so happy and fully satisfied. "
      - Manya Gupta
    •   "A very professional clinic with a personal touch which is very hard to find in Noida since I reside there. Very happy to be found this clinic. Extremely satisfied with the dental treatment. Utmost care is taken by Dr. Neha for her patients. The staff tools very caring. I highly recommend it."
      - Ashok Pant
    •   Doctor Neha is highly qualified and polite. She attended t my wife in a very gentle and polite manner. to my surprise treatment charges were an less compared to the dentist i visited earlier. the clinic was clean and had all the equipments. over a very good experience. Highly recommend the doctor.
      - Umender Chaudhary
    •     I visited the advance dental east delhi to get my filings done. I loved the experience. Everything was smooth and painless. Completely recommended.
      - Shubham Goel
    •       ” I have been visiting her for last one and a half year. she has given the best treatment for my problems. She is very honest and suggests you the best treatment. The system of taking appointment s very smooth.”  
      - Mudit Seth
    •       “I have been coming to Advanced dental clinic which Dr. Neha is managing, it has been an extremely good experience to be here because of the kind of personal care and attention with expertise which is the widest exemplary.”
      - Dr. Punkaj Kundra
    •       “Best dental treatment i got till now..Doctor is very friendly and listens to your problem patiently and then gives appropriate treatment.”
      - Geetika Mittal
    •       “It's always a homely feeling in Advanced dental clinic.. I staff is very polite and Dr Neha is the best Doctor i have ever visited.. highly recommended.”
      - Champa Mundra
    •       “Very good experience, i have been visiting here from the very beginning, Dr Neha has given the best treatment for my problem. The clinic is very hygienic. I m fully satisfied. “
      - Sarika Goel
    •       “Wonderful place! Everyone Including the receptionist and the doctors are very polite and understanding. The environment is friendly and a very good post-treatment care is also taken!! Highly recommended.”
      - Ankit Vashishth
    •       “It’s so good and one of the best clinic for my little one Dr Neha Maheshwari and Dr Neha Goel both of them are so lovely they know how to handle little kids very well , my son really love to get treatment from Dr Neha.”
      - Chirag Chitkara
    •       “Advanced dental clinic is my family clinic. I was not able to eat but when i visited Dr. Neha i m satisfied and smiling.”
      - Om Prakash Goel
    •       “A very good experience with the doctor. got my treatment done without pain and discomfort. I m fully satisfied with Dr Neha and her staff.”
      - Jai Goel
    •       “Very satisfactory experience. Painless & the doctor & staff is very humble.”
      - Rishu Mittal
    •       “ADVANCED dental clinic is a very hygienic place and doctors and staff are very nice. I am very satisfied and highly recommend this clinic.”
      - Geetika Bansal
    •     “In Advance Dental Clinic East Delhi doctors and staff are very nice. I am very satisfied and happy with my treatment. Highly recommend.”
      - Rohit Bansal

      “My experience was excellent. The doctors were excellent and polite. The receptionist was friendly. Gave full information about everything. I am satisfied with the overall Dental Services. Highly recommend.”

      - Sushma Goel

      “Doctor explained every step during the root canal with photographs of various phases of treatment. The procedure was painless. In the evening there was a phone call from the clinic to enquire well being. Marvellous”

      - Sanjay Jain

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    Teeth Whitening East Delhi

    Teeth Whitening is a process of lightening your teeth shade. The procedure includes the usage of a gentle solution put in a tailor-made tray worn over your teeth. No anesthetic is generally needed and no natural tooth surface is lost.

    Types of Professional Teeth Whitening Options at Advanced Dental Clinic East Delhi

    Teeth Whitening is one of the creatively least invasive dental processes. Its high on demand among youth and results are magical. After a standard polishing and tartar removal on both jaws, as preparation of teeth bleaching, we provide 2 options to our patients:

    In-Office Bleaching East Delhi (Active Bleaching)

    This process is performed in our dental clinic and often needs more than one appointment. Our cosmetic dentist applies lubricant to your gums, leaving a protective dental dam for safeguarding your lips, tongue, and gum. After teeth cleaning and removing excess lubricant, our dentist applies conditioner to your teeth, finishing up with a rinse and drying. Then he applies the whitening solution to your teeth and left it to process. When the process is done, he will rinse and polish your teeth.

    At-Home Bleaching (Passive Bleaching)

    This process is performed in the house under the instructions of our dentist and involves wearing a tailor-made tray with a gentle teeth bleaching solution. The dentist will give you instructions about when you should wear the tray and for how long. You will require returning to your dental clinic periodically to make sure the bleaching system is working efficiently and your gums and teeth stay healthy.

    Lighten Your Teeth Shade With Bleaching At Advance Dental Clinic!

    Teeth colour is a vital feature of your smile. And if you are unpleased with the discolouration of your teeth, bleaching is the right option for you. To get several shades lighter colour of your teeth, schedule an appointment with us!