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Best Tooth Fracture Treatment East Delhi: Cost of Tooth Fracture Treatment Delhi

We at The Advanced Dental Clinic offer the best treatment for your smile correction. Tooth Fractures can be easily treated with the help of Composite Restorations, Crowns, and Sometimes Veneers. We charge Rs 12,000 for Dental Veneers per tooth for Tooth Fracture Treatment East Delhi

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    Tooth Fracture Treatment East Delhi

    Tooth Fracture Treatment Delhi

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    Marie Montgomery
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    Devender Goel
    Best clinic in east delhi.i really appreciate dr neha for treating me when i was in real bad pain.full marks to cleanliness and staff behaviour.
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    Anshumala Mishra
    I got my cavity fillings and scaling done at advanced dental clinic. The Dentist was amazing and it a great experience. Staff and everyone was so professional. I loved the kids play area over here. I must recommend it for family and kids.
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    From my first step through the doors I was treated very well.The Receptionist and Dentist were kind, patient, and explained everything clearly and thoroughly. Advanced Dental Clinic is the Best Dental Clinic in East Delhi !
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    I had the best experience here at Advanced Dental Clinic, No doubt It is Best Dental clinic in East Delhi! It is an absolutely clean and modern dental clinic. Dr Neha G Aggarwal was amazing and so welcoming and professional. I would definitely recommend.
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    Anmol Singh
    Everyone at clinic from front desk staff to Dr Neha she is super friendly, Best dentist in East Delhi, professional and really seem to be enjoying themselves. Such a good vibe. I'm really glad I decided to go there and discussed my treatment plan.I will highly recommended this place.
    Renuka Goyal
    Renuka Goyal
    Advanced Dental Clinic led by Dr Neha Best Dentist in East Delhi. and her amazing staff. I know most of them by name, it’s more than a clinic. The staff is super friendly, and the dentist does an amazing job. I will highly recommend them to anyone.
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    Vishal Verma
    Amazed by their kind gesture! Service is phenomenal. Went for dental cleaning, experience was quite smooth. Dr. Neha & staff does an amazing job!! Highly Recommended!

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    Causes of tooth fracture: Tooth Fracture Treatment East Delhi

    • Teeth grinding or clenching
    • Extensive fillings
    • Biting on hard food items like walnuts
    • Trauma or accidental injury like contact sports, road traffic accident
    • Age generally over 50yr, teeth start showing cracks

    Symptoms of tooth fracture:  Tooth Fracture Treatment East Delhi

    • Pain while biting or chewing
    • In the case of the cracked tooth, the pain is characteristically present on releasing the bite.
    • Sensitivity to hot and cold items
    • Spontaneous pain that is seldom continuous
    • Swelling of the surrounding gums and other soft tissues

    Types of tooth fracture

    Craze line

    Small cracks in the outer surface of the teeth that usually do not require any treatment

    Fractured Cusp

    When only a tiny portion of the tooth is fractured, it usually happens when a large filling is present in the teeth and does not involve the nerves and blood vessels of the teeth.

    Split tooth

    When the tooth fracture line passes beneath the gums, the tooth is split into two fragments.

    Vertical tooth fracture

    The most severe type of tooth fracture and effective tooth fracture treatment East Delhi is possible by timely diagnosis and effective treatment planning.

    Complications of a cracked tooth

    If the tooth fracture treatment East Delhi is delayed or deferred, there might be a complication of infection that can spread to gums and bones. Some of the common symptoms of dental disease are

    • Pain while biting
    • Swelling in the gums
    • Tender neck swelling
    • Fever 
    • Bad breath
    • Sensitivity to hot and cold food items

    Tooth fracture treatment East Delhi

    Composite Bonding

    A composite filling is possible if you chipped off a small portion of the enamel. In this procedure, tooth-colored material is used to naturally carve the shape of the fractured tooth that mimics its original form. Composite bonding is usually completed in a single sitting appointment.

    Root canal treatment

    If the nerves and blood vessels are involved in the tooth fracture, then restoring it with just a filling is not possible. Root canal treatment is done to remove the involved pulp. RCT will prevent the further disintegration and weakening of the tooth structure.

    Depending on the tooth’s condition, the number of sittings for a root canal is decided. It usually varies from a single sitting to multiple visits.

    Dental crowns

    Dental crowns are the caps that cover the tooth structure to provide structural durability. Dental crowns are prosthetic devices made of porcelain, metal, or fused porcelain. If taken care of properly, dental crowns can last a lifetime.

    Generally, the dental crown treatment usually takes two sittings, and the procedure is entirely painless.

    Dental veneers

    Dental veneers are thin shell-like coverings attached to the front tooth surface to mask the cracked or chipped-off surface as a tooth fracture treatment East Delhi. Dental veneers are mainly composed of composite and porcelain veneers; depending on the extent of tooth fracture and your dental examination, the best suitable type of veneer is given.

    Self-care and prevention of tooth fracture

    Tooth fracture treatment East Delhi is not possible at home; however, you can prevent it.

    • Avoid eating hard food items
    • Avoid opening bottles with your teeth
    • Avoid chewing pen, pencils
    • Wear a mouthguard while playing contact sports
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