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    Don’t Delay, Act Now, Early Detection is the key for your Kids Dental Health


    We at The Advanced Dental Clinic East Delhi believe in pain-free dentistry. Our specialists make sure that the treatment done for your child is as pain-free and stress-free as possible.

    Friendly and Comforting

    At The Advanced Dental Clinic, we maintain a comforting, friendly and calm environment for children. This not only helps the children while they are undergoing treatment but also helps the parents to relax a bit.

    Convenient Appointments

    Root Canal Treatments done at The Advanced Dental Clinic are prioritized by keeping in mind the comfort of our patients. Root Canal Treatments often take too much time, we ensure a swift, smooth, comfortable, and hygienic experience.

    Early Detection

    Early detection of teeth troubles at a young age helps us treat and prevent further damage to your kid’s teeth. Make sure to visit your dentist every 3-4 months for your kid’s dental health.

    Kids Dental Treatment at Advanced Dental Clinic, Vivek Vihar, East Delhi

    Early Detection and Treatment is the Key

    1. Early Detection of Dental Caries prevents Dental Issues in the longer run.

    2. Early diagnosis of malalignment of teeth can also be assessed in a younger age.

    3. Perfect Age for Fluoride Treatment.

    4. Sometimes with growing age kids develop some oral ulcers and lesions. Early Detection and Intervention is the key.

    5. While shedding milk teeth, Early Detection can tell us what future problems the child may develop and that can be treated beforehand.

    A Few Early Signs to look for:

    1. Sudden pain while chewing food.

    2. If your kid is unable to sleep at night, one of the reasons could be “Dental Pain”.

    3. Sudden Development of a Swollen area in mouth.

    4. If your kid doesn’t want to brush his or her teeth. This could be one more reason of hidden tooth decay.

    5. Bleeding Gums while brushing teeth.

    Here’s what our Patients say about us

    •       "I got my Root canal done and i m very satisfied and happy with the treatment and Dr. Neha is so polite."
      - Rabeena Khan
    •   "Very happy with the treatment. l was so scared with the dentist but Dr. Neha and her staff help me with my phobia and m very much satisfied with my treatment."
      - Vinod Gupta
    •     "I visited Advanced dental clinic when I was in so much of pain. I was always scared of dentist but when I visited Dr. Neha Aggarwal was so happy and fully satisfied. "
      - Manya Gupta
    •   "A very professional clinic with a personal touch which is very hard to find in Noida since I reside there. Very happy to be found this clinic. Extremely satisfied with the dental treatment. Utmost care is taken by Dr. Neha for her patients. The staff tools very caring. I highly recommend it."
      - Ashok Pant
    •   Doctor Neha is highly qualified and polite. She attended t my wife in a very gentle and polite manner. to my surprise treatment charges were an less compared to the dentist i visited earlier. the clinic was clean and had all the equipments. over a very good experience. Highly recommend the doctor.
      - Umender Chaudhary
    •     I visited the advance dental east delhi to get my filings done. I loved the experience. Everything was smooth and painless. Completely recommended.
      - Shubham Goel
    •       ” I have been visiting her for last one and a half year. she has given the best treatment for my problems. She is very honest and suggests you the best treatment. The system of taking appointment s very smooth.”  
      - Mudit Seth
    •       “I have been coming to Advanced dental clinic which Dr. Neha is managing, it has been an extremely good experience to be here because of the kind of personal care and attention with expertise which is the widest exemplary.”
      - Dr. Punkaj Kundra
    •       “Best dental treatment i got till now..Doctor is very friendly and listens to your problem patiently and then gives appropriate treatment.”
      - Geetika Mittal
    •       “It's always a homely feeling in Advanced dental clinic.. I staff is very polite and Dr Neha is the best Doctor i have ever visited.. highly recommended.”
      - Champa Mundra
    •       “Very good experience, i have been visiting here from the very beginning, Dr Neha has given the best treatment for my problem. The clinic is very hygienic. I m fully satisfied. “
      - Sarika Goel
    •       “Wonderful place! Everyone Including the receptionist and the doctors are very polite and understanding. The environment is friendly and a very good post-treatment care is also taken!! Highly recommended.”
      - Ankit Vashishth
    •       “It’s so good and one of the best clinic for my little one Dr Neha Maheshwari and Dr Neha Goel both of them are so lovely they know how to handle little kids very well , my son really love to get treatment from Dr Neha.”
      - Chirag Chitkara
    •       “Advanced dental clinic is my family clinic. I was not able to eat but when i visited Dr. Neha i m satisfied and smiling.”
      - Om Prakash Goel
    •       “A very good experience with the doctor. got my treatment done without pain and discomfort. I m fully satisfied with Dr Neha and her staff.”
      - Jai Goel
    •       “Very satisfactory experience. Painless & the doctor & staff is very humble.”
      - Rishu Mittal
    •       “ADVANCED dental clinic is a very hygienic place and doctors and staff are very nice. I am very satisfied and highly recommend this clinic.”
      - Geetika Bansal
    •     “In Advance Dental Clinic East Delhi doctors and staff are very nice. I am very satisfied and happy with my treatment. Highly recommend.”
      - Rohit Bansal

      “My experience was excellent. The doctors were excellent and polite. The receptionist was friendly. Gave full information about everything. I am satisfied with the overall Dental Services. Highly recommend.”

      - Sushma Goel

      “Doctor explained every step during the root canal with photographs of various phases of treatment. The procedure was painless. In the evening there was a phone call from the clinic to enquire well being. Marvellous”

      - Sanjay Jain

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    Kids Dental Fillings East Delhi

    Kids Tooth Colored Fillings Delhi

    Looking out the baby’s teeth is no child’s play. Many parents get shocked when they get to know that their kid has tooth cavities or decay and our dentist recommends pedo fillings. However, many of them don’t feel the need for this treatment as they know that these milk teeth will ultimately fall out one day.

    Why Are Primary Teeth Essential?

    Although primary teeth will fall out one day, they are more crucial than you may think. They help your kid chew food and create good speaking tendencies and pronunciate words properly. They are the placeholders for permanent teeth also. Furthermore, they give your kid a self-confidence that comes from having beautiful, healthy-looking teeth.

    Why Are Kids Fillings Necessary?

    Pedo fillings are required (Kids Tooth Colored Fillings):

    1. To prevent damage to growing permanent teeth.
    2. To prevent toothache.
    3. To prevent malnutrition caused by poor eating habits and promote healthy development and growth.
    4. To stop early baby tooth loss and crowding when adult teeth grow.
    5. To prevent severe infections and the spread of those infections to other body parts.
    6. To prevent bad sleeping habits.
    7. To offer a beautiful smile to your kid.
    8. Restore Your Kid’s Smile Seamlessly at Advanced Dental Clinic

    When a kid comes for pedo fillings, our pedodontist shows the tools he will use, which reduces their fear and anxiety. Once the kids feel comfortable, we numb and sedate the infected area and extract the tooth decay. The dentist cleans and primes the space left behind before filling it. We make sure to harden the filling for an ideal fit. Ultimately, we shape and polish the filling so that it feels and appears natural and your kid’s smile is as wonderful as new. Your kids’ teeth are restored to a natural feel and look. Their teeth are now stronger and more safeguarded.

    To find out how Advanced Dental Clinic can safeguard, improve or restore your kid’s smile, stay in touch with us right away!

    Kids Root Canal Treatment East Delhi

    What is Pulpectomy?

    It’s the process of removing all the pulp from a tooth’s roots and crown. The pulp is a very soft material that comprises nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Generally, dentists perform Pulpectomy in kids for saving their highly infected primary/baby teeth. This is why the procedure is also named Kids’ Root Canal Treatment. A Pulpectomy is the first part of the RCT in permanent teeth.

    How is Pulpectomy Performed?

    Before performing Pulpectomy at Advanced Dental Clinic, our dentist prescribes some antibiotic medicines to the patient for identifying bacterial infection. The process begins with applying topical anaesthesia for eradicating the kid’s discomfort. The dental specialist drills a hole into the tooth for removing the infected pulp with the help of broaches. He also drills out the nerve inside the pulp using files. To ensure that all infected tissues and debris are removed, our dentist would use different sized files before irrigating the canal using a blend of sodium hypochlorite and surface modifiers or sodium hypochlorite solution. He fills the pulp chamber and root canal using a non-resorbable, inert material after irrigation. Then he caps the tooth with a crown that can be bonded temporarily to the basic structure with dental cement.

    What Can You Expect If Your Kid Requires a Pulpectomy?

    Dr Neha will discuss the risks and results of the process with you in advance. She will answer every question. Before the process, she will numb or sedate the area and she will administer this sedation based on the recommendation for your kid. She will utilize a drill and other tools for removing the infected portion of the tooth.

    Diseased pulp will be extracted and medicines will be given over the remaining area. A temporary filling follows this. In the case of a primary tooth, a crown is possibly positioned on the tooth. Very minimal discomfort can be felt amid the process. Our dentist will guide you on handling the soreness in the mouth or signs of concern to observe after the process.

    The goal of the Advanced Dental Clinic is to preserve your baby’s tooth and keep it healthy until the tooth falls out naturally. If your child needs to undergo the Pulpectomy process, feel free to contact us!

    Kids Pulpotomy in East Delhi

    What is Pulpotomy for Kids?

    It’s a process utilized for trying to spare a highly decayed tooth alongside an infected pulp. Sometimes it is known as a baby root canal because it is usually performed on baby teeth, particularly molars.

    What Does The Process Involve?

    Our dentist will begin by comforting the patient applying anesthesia. We provide many sedation choices for your little champ and these will be discussed in detail with you before the process.

    Amid the process, our dentist will isolate the targeted tooth using a rubber dam or sheet. He will utilize a particular appliance for removing the decayed portions of the tooth. The dentist utilizes a spoon excavator for removing the pulp’s infected part in the crown of the tooth. He will sterilize the tooth and the remaining pulp using medicines. Then he will apply putty for sealing the remaining tooth. He will choose the right sized stainless steel crown and bond it to your kid’s tooth.

    The dentist will test your kid 6 months later for seeing how properly the tooth is healing. Some kids grow infections. In a few cases, the crown falls out, particularly if the kid eats sticky food.

    Pulpectomy vs. Pulpotomy

    Both processes are utilized for saving infected teeth and pulps. In a Pulpectomy, the dentist removes all of the pulp or applies cement in the root to replace the pulp. In a Pulpotomy, the dentist just removes the pulp in the crown of the tooth while leaving it in the roots.

    Who is The Best Candidate For Pulpotomy?

    When the inflamed pulp is confined to the tooth’s crown, a Pulpotomy is performed. The tooth should be restorable. In case it is weak or damaged, the dentist will need to remove it. A kid in good health will be the best candidate for a Pulpotomy. Kids with severe health issues can be prone to bacterial infections; hence they are not good candidates.

    Kids Space Maintainers East Delhi

    Your kid may require space maintainers in case he/she loses teeth early or gets a primary/baby tooth removed because of tooth decay. In terms of any aforesaid case, you must know the advantages of using a space maintainer and how it is helpful in supporting your kid’s dental wellbeing.

    What Is a Space Maintainer?

    This tool is tailor-made by an orthodontist in metal or acrylic material. It can be either cemented in a kid’s mouth or removable. It is used for keeping the space open for enabling the permanent teeth to appear and come into place. Primary teeth are essential for the growth of jawbones, muscles, and teeth and help guide the permanent teeth into place when the primary teeth are lost. In case the space is unmaintained, teeth can move to the open space and orthodontic treatment may be needed. Not every kid who loses a primary tooth early or to tooth decays needs a space maintainer; nevertheless, an expert consultation with our orthodontist or dentist at Advanced Dental Clinic must be conducted to decide if the use of space maintainers is required.

    Types of Space Maintainers

    Two types of space maintainers for kids include:

    1. Fixed – 4 different types of Fixed Space Maintainers are available – Lingual, Distal Shoe, Crown & Loop, and Unilateral.

    2. Removable – These are the same as orthodontic tools and are generally made of acrylic. In a few cases, an artificial tooth is possibly utilized for filling a space that should be open for the non-erupted tooth.

    How to Wear the Space Maintainer

    Once our dentist or orthodontist makes the appliance, it takes the kid some days for being prepared to wearing the fixed or removable space maintainer. Our dentist will review with the kid and parent for thoroughly cleaning the space maintainers and keeping the gum tissue free of plaque and healthy. Proper guidance for teeth brushing and flossing will be offered for enhanced oral hygiene.

    In terms of a removable space maintainer, your child must avoid sugary and chewy foods, which may get caught or loosen on this dental apparatus. The appliance must not be pushed or pressed using fingers or the tongue as it could bend or loosen the space maintainer.

    Our dentist or orthodontist will see the child regularly to monitor his/her treatment progress with the space maintainers. Book an appointment with our dental expert for professional cleaning!

    Kids Crowns East Delhi

    Stainless Steel Crowns for Kids East Delhi

    Stainless steel crowns, also named as silver caps or crowns, are a common process, which restores baby teeth that are affected with large cavities or those that had a baby root canal (Pulpotomy). Albeit maximum teeth can be filled using a silver or white filling material, stainless steel crowns are till now the most durable and predictable choice for fixing baby teeth with damaged enamel, large defects, or cavities. At Advanced Dental Clinic, we utilize stainless steel crowns for saving a baby tooth and prevent the risk of infection and pain.

    When Does Your Child Require Stainless Steel Crowns?

    Stainless steel crowns are placed for the following conditions:

    1. They are often used as space maintainers.
    2. They treat a tooth with root canal treatment.
    3. They treat tooth decay that involves more than 2 surfaces of a tooth.
    4. Other developmental issues that affect the tooth structure badly.

    Types of Stainless Steel Crowns

    Three main types of stainless steel crowns are available:

    1. Crowns that have been pre-crimped and pre-formed.
    2. Crowns with straight sides and margins.
    3. Aesthetic crowns
    4. Benefits of Stainless Steel Crowns

    Kids Stainless Steel Crowns

    In case the baby tooth of your kid has chronic decay that can’t be treated using a filling, our dentist may recommend a stainless steel crown. This will shield the entire tooth and there will be less possibility for your kid to grow sensitivity or need more treatments on the tooth in the future. Sometimes a stainless steel crown works better than a metal filling in kids under the age of four. The stainless steel crown for baby teeth is less expensive than an adult crown.

    Any cavity that is addressed must be treated instantly for preventing the issue from getting worse. In case your kid has not undergone a dental test, book an appointment with our dental professional at Advanced Dental Clinic today!

    Kids Tooth Colored Crown East Delhi

    Dental crowns replace tooth structure that is possibly missing because of tooth decay or injury. Crowns cover teeth to strengthen and safeguard them. Placing a crown on baby teeth is often the best treatment for kids. Placing a tooth-colored crown for kids saves their natural smile and is a better choice than stainless steel crowns.

    When is a Kids Dental Crown Required?

    If tooth decay is left untreated, it can spread infection and lead to pain and other health issues. If your kid grows very large cavities that a filling cannot repair, a dental crown is suggested for saving the tooth. Tooth-colored crowns are placed on front teeth used for biting, or back molar teeth that are essential for chewing. In both cases, it helps shield the tooth from further breaking, cracking, or decay.

    What is the Crown Process for Kids?

    Our dentist places dental crowns for kids in only one visit. First, he numbs the area around the infected tooth using topical gel on the gum tissue before injecting the local anesthesia. After numbing, he removes the decayed tooth carefully and shapes it for preparing it for the crown. Based on the type of tooth-colored crown to be used, a kid may or may not get an impression of the area. After preparing the crown, the dentist checks the placement. If all are correct, he cements the crown into place. Then, he will check the bite and make some modifications if required.

    Post-Operative Guidelines | Kids Crown in East Delhi

    Until the numbness goes away, your kid must maintain his eating and be careful about biting and chewing. After the crown process, the kid may feel discomfort because of gum or tooth irritation that lasts less than one day. Pain relief medication may help in this. In case your kid feels extreme discomfort, contact our dentist right away. Ensure to schedule dental cleanings and tests for your kid every 6 months so our dentist can monitor the crown and be sure that it’s working properly.

    Not every dental clinic provides tooth-colored white crowns for kids. To know more regarding crown options for kids or schedule an appointment with a dental professional, call us at Advanced Dental Clinic. We know how to keep your champ smiling!

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