Loose Teeth Treatment East Delhi

Best Loose Teeth Treatment East Delhi: Cost of Loose Teeth Treatment East Delhi

We at The Advanced Dental Clinic offer the best treatment for your smile correction. Loose Teeth can be easily fixed with the help of Gum Treatments, Bone Grafting and Flat Surgeries. The charges for Flap Surgery start from Rs 6,000 per quadrant, Rs 2,500 for teeth cleaning. at The Advanced Dental Clinic East Delhi – Loose Teeth Treatment East Delhi

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    Loose Teeth Treatment Delhi

    Loose Teeth Treatment East Delhi

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    Poonam Beniwal
    Poonam Beniwal
    Visited this clinic for fluorosis and post treatment, I am very satisfied with the results. Thankyou to Dr Arshita and the whole team of advanced dental clinic.
    Nitish Jain
    Nitish Jain
    I got my fillings done from Dr. Neha aggarwal at advanced dental clinic. It was a very stress free and comfortable appointment. I didn't feel any pain and very happy with the kind of treatment and hospitality I received. The team was very supportive and helpful.
    Dev Rawat
    Dev Rawat
    Thank you so much Dr Neha & Dr Arshita for the wonderful treatment and giving me beautiful and confident smile again, I was little confused in the beginning but after the consultation i was really confident that whatever you would do its going to the best for me, the staff who is working there is really professional and cooperative, cleaning and hygiene is Top Notch, i would recommend Advanced Dental Clinic to everyone without any doubt. Thanks a lot once again ❤️
    Geet darmal
    Geet darmal
    Amazing staff. Very friendly staff and organised place. Would definately visit more for oral health l.
    Jaskaran Singh
    Jaskaran Singh
    Wonderful experience

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    What are loose teeth: Loose Teeth Treatment East Delhi

    Loose teeth in children are not a matter of concern as the milk teeth become loose and eventually fall out to make way for permanent teeth. Having loose teeth is a cause of worry in adults and often indicates some underlying problem that needs to be addressed. The loose teeth are often accompanied by  a few signs that one should be watchful for like:

    • Redness and swelling in the gums
    • Receding gums’
    • Bleeding from the gums
    • Tooth pain or around the adjacent areas


    Before the loose teeth create some significant issues, it is important to note these signs and get a complete dental examination done to know the cause of it. Our team of doctors is available at Advanced Dental Clinic, East Delhi, to evaluate your case and make a customized treatment plan.

    Causes of loose teeth in adults: Loose Teeth Treatment East Delhi

    Gum diseases

    The initial stages of gum disease are limited to the soft tissues and cause inflammatory changes in the gums. As the disease progresses and spreads to the surrounding supporting tissues of the teeth, it is called the advanced stage of gum disease. In this stage, the teeth become loose and need extensive treatment to save them. Sometimes it is impossible to keep them, and extraction is the only option left with our experts at Advanced Dental Clinic, East Delhi.


    Direct trauma or physical injury in an accident, fight, or while playing contact sports may not always lead to a lost tooth. Sometimes the tooth takes the blow and becomes loose in the socket. Depending on the degree of mobility, the treatment plan is customized by our doctors in East Delhi.


    Due to the change in the hormone levels, there are changes in the gum tissues during pregnancy. Due to the link between gum disease during pregnancy and premature birth therefore, it is advised to come for regular dental check-ups at our center in East Delhi.

    Medical conditions

    A few medical conditions like osteoporosis and diabetes mellitus affect the bone or the surrounding tissues of the teeth. The teeth extraction and other surgical procedures are contraindicated in people undergoing bisphosphonate therapy.

    Diagnosis of loose teeth: Loose Teeth Treatment East Delhi

    The diagnosis of loose teeth in Delhi is mainly based on a clinical evaluation, where our doctors will probe the gums and analyze the conditions of your teeth. Radiographic analysis of your jawbone is also advised to know the health of the bone, which helps in treatment planning.

    Possible treatment options: Loose Teeth Treatment East Delhi

    Bone grafting

    In cases of severe bone atrophy, a bone graft from another area of your body is taken and transplanted for regeneration.

    Flap surgery

    Our doctors in Delhi may put an incision on the gums to facilitate deep cleaning and put back the flaps to promote regeneration and healing, preventing tooth loss.


    Extra support is rendered to the weak tooth by bonding a small piece of metal between two adjacent teeth. This allows the loose teeth to become stable and heal rapidly.


    If the cause of the trauma is teeth grinding, then a mouthguard is suggested to prevent the teeth from further deterioration. 


    It is often the last resort when all the other measures have failed to save the tooth. The entire procedure of tooth extraction is entirely painless and done under the effect of local anesthesia.

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