Tooth Bridge Treatment

Are you feeling embarrassed while smiling due to your missing teeth? Well, if you have missing teeth or gaps between your teeth, you can easily solve this issue now. At Advance Dental Clinic, the dentist closes or bridges this gap in your smile with the use of Tooth Bridge Treatment.

A dental bridge is a false tooth (also known as a pontic) that is held in place by the support teeth on either side of the gap. Although bridges can be made from several materials like gold, basically they are made from porcelain to mix in with your natural teeth aesthetically.


There are 5 main types of dental bridges:

  1. Traditional Bridge – It contains false teeth being held in place using crowns that are cemented onto every support tooth. The dentist uses it when you have natural teeth on both gap sides made by your missing teeth.
  2. Maryland Bridge – Similar to the traditional bridge, it uses 2 natural support teeth, one on every gap side. However, it uses either a metal or porcelain framework that is bonded onto the support teeth backs.
  3. Cantilever Bridge – In this bridge, the pontic is held in place using a crown that is cemented to just 1 support tooth. You just require 1 natural tooth next to your missing tooth gap for this bridge.
  4. Implant-supported Bridge – It uses dental implants that are surgically placed for missing teeth. These implants hold the bridge in position.
Tooth Bridge Treatment

Why Is It Important To Replace Your Dental Bridges?

Albeit, even with better oral hygiene, dental bridges often become chipped or cracked, which would need you to replace them. Another reason why you should replace your dental bridges is because of cementation problems when the material utilized to hold the bridge to your teeth fails.

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