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Best Missing Teeth Treatment East Delhi: Cost of Missing Teeth Treatment East Delhi

We at The Advanced Dental Clinic offer the best treatment for your smile correction. Missing Teeth can be easily replaced with the help of Densutes, Dental Implants, and Dental Crowns, and Bridges. We charge Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000 for Dentures, from Rs 20,000 for Dental Implants, and from Rs 8,500 for Dental Crowns and Bridges at The Advanced Dental Clinic East Delhi – Missing Teeth Treatment East Delhi

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    Missing Teeth Treatment East Delhi

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    Shiya Chaudhary
    Shiya Chaudhary
    I got a sudden swelling on my face one day and I got worried. I searched on internet but couldn’t understand its cause, then I came to Dr Neha G agarwal at Advance Dental Clinic for checkup. She did some X-ray and told me it was due to infection in teeth. She did my root canal treatment and my swelling subsided after first visit only.
    Sadashiv Lokhande
    Sadashiv Lokhande
    If you are looking for the best dentist in East Delhi then Advanced Dental clinic should be on the top of your list. I went there for my teeth whitening procedure and the treatment was done in one sitting and the results are amazing.
    Ugo Oberoi
    Ugo Oberoi
    I wanted my mother’s extraction done with the best dentist in East Delhi. Our family friend suggested their family dentist to us. Our experience with the Advanced dental clinic has been amazing and we recommend it to everyone.
    Muskan Aggarwal
    Muskan Aggarwal
    Got my teeth cleaning done. Smooth process and amazing service
    I was looking for a dentist for my father’s treatment. I got to know about Advanced Dental clinic and i must say Dr. Neha is the best dentist as my father was free from his long-standing tooth pain in the first sitting.

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    Common causes of Missing teeth: Missing Teeth Treatment East Delhi

    Gum diseases

    The plaque accumulates on the tooth surface when it is not adequately cleaned with regular brushing. Over some time, this plaque hardens and starts irritating the gums. The gums become red and swollen and tend to bleed on brushing or spontaneously. When this gum disease advances to the supporting tissues of the teeth, they become loose.


    Tooth cavity or decay is a significant contributor to tooth loss. It begins with a small pinpoint black spot or discoloration on the teeth. When not diagnosed timely, it spreads and makes the tooth hollow from the inside. The bacteria in the mouth feed on the sugar and produce acid that dissolves the tooth structure. If treated in the initial stages, the cavity can be treated with fillings and root canal treatment if it has reached the nerves and blood vessels. Unattended tooth decay will finally lead to a severely damaged tooth that needs extraction.

    Trauma or direct injury

    Direct trauma or physical injury during a road traffic accident or contact sports is another primary reason for tooth loss. Depending on the condition of the lost tooth, it is decided if it can be replanted or if you need a replacement. 

    Why replacing missing teeth is essential: Missing Teeth Treatment East Delhi

    The missing teeth treatment east Delhi to replace the lost tooth is not just for aesthetic concerns. There are other dental health concerns also related to the missing teeth.

    Once the tooth is lost and is not replaced for a substantial period, the adjacent teeth start to migrate into the space created by the tooth loss. This shifting causes alignment issues that lead to improper chewing capacity and hampers the proper oral hygiene process.

    Our team of doctors at Advanced Dental Clinic, East Delhi, is available to provide you with the best possible solutions to missing teeth in Delhi. The customized treatment plan is made after clinically examining your case to know which treatment method best suits your missing teeth case.

    Common options to replace missing teeth: Missing Teeth Treatment East Delhi

    Dental Implants

    Dental Implants are the latest method of replacing missing teeth by inserting a titanium post directly into the jaw bone. 


    • Fixed and permanent solution
    • Durable and long-lasting
    • Adjacent teeth are not touched
    • Exactly mimic the natural tooth
    • Low maintenance

    Fixed Dental Bridges

    In this type of missing teeth treatment, East Delhi support is taken from the adjacent sound teeth to fill in the gap of the missing teeth. At Advanced Dental Clinic, East Delhi, we have a team of specialists with vast experience explicitly trained to provide such prostheses.


    • A fixed solution to the missing teeth problem
    • Slightly more affordable than dental implants
    • Unlike implants, it is delivered quickly, and there is no waiting for the healing to be completed.
    • Nonsurgical procedure

    Removable denture

    Removable dentures can be complete or partial and are the traditional way of replacing missing teeth. They are indicated in cases where the fixed prosthesis is not possible.


    • Less expensive
    • Easier to repair and replace
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