Night Guards

Why Night Guards?

Clenching or teeth grinding, also named as Bruxism, is a common, destructive, painful issue to teeth. Fortunately, there are night guards to anybody who grinds and clenches during sleeping. Many people are still unaware of this issue. The symptoms of Bruxism include fatigue, face pain, jaw soreness, and dull headaches and they can spoil sleep.

Occasional Bruxism may not lead to any concern. If it’s done frequently, it can lead to loss of teeth, loss of tooth enamel and broken teeth. If you find any sign of bruxism, feel free to contact Advance Dental Clinic!

What Are They?

Night guards are also known as dental guards, nocturnal bite plates, mouth guards, or bite splints. They place a barrier between your teeth. If you clench your jaw, these dental guards help reduce the tension and offer a cushion to the jaw muscles. And this cushioning not just prevents jaw and face pain but also shields your teeth enamel.

You can get night guards straight from our dentist at Advance Dental Clinic. Our dentist can fit them variously and the type you require relies on your requirements.

How Will They Help?

Night guards help individuals avoid clenching throughout the night. They form a protective layer between your upper and lower dentition. Also, they prevent dangerous occlusion like grinding and shifting throughout the night. Through constant use, night guards help jaw and teeth muscles in relaxing, while aligning the jaw for preventing clenching and locking.

While soft night guards are useful in mild cases of bruxism, use the hard acrylic night guards for heavy bruxers. If you wake up with muscle soreness, earaches, neck pain, or headaches, try wearing a hard night guard. Boost your sleep quality and relieve your muscle soreness by getting one of Advance Dental Clinic’s night guards!

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