Cleaning and polishing

Teeth Whitening In Delhi

General dentistry is a recognized dental treatment that covers an extensive range of processes.This incorporates the initial consultation and diagnostics like wax molds for replacement teeth,CAT scans, and X-rays. A general dentist prevents, assesses, diagnoses, and treats diseases of the dental cavity and maintains the appearance and function of your teeth.

Two Major Services That a General Dentist Offers


Teeth Whitening In Delhi

Maintaining the healthy condition of your teeth is difficult without a dentist’s help. This is especially difficult if some genetic conditions are responsible for your teeth’s irregular positioning. Although there are many solutions to correct this issue with cosmetic dental surgeries, consider choosing dental cleaning and polishing first.

Scaling and polishing are the most basic dental cleaning processes. Food usually gets stuck in the tightest spaces and becomes tartar between teeth. If you leave it untreated, it results in a disastrous condition. At Advance Dental Clinic, the dentist performs scaling for removing this tartar layer. And polishing gives your teeth a shiny, bright and finished appearance. Moreover, it helps remove any stains on your teeth. We make sure a wholesome, painless experience at Advance Dental Clinic and are the best for teeth whitening in Delhi. Our Strong Patient Family has imparted great trust in us.


Different types of foods that sweeten our lives leave yellow spots on our teeth. Air blaster technique is a part of General Dentistry that is an alternative to drills. Rather than using a drill for removing decay or food particles for cosmetic processes, air blaster uses a small flow of air and abrasive particles like silicon or aluminum oxide, for removing the decay. At Advance Dental Clinic, you can get the air blaster technique from an experienced dentist.


If you have any queries regarding the benefits of general dentistry or require choosing general dentistry services, consider contacting Advance Dental Clinic right away!