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Root Canal Treatment In Delhi

Tooth decay if left untreated can lead to infection. This infection gradually can spoil the entire set of teeth. Root canal treatment is necessitous in case you need to shield your natural tooth. This treatment has no alternative. At Advance Dental Clinic, you will get the most efficient root canal treatment possible.

Root Canal Treatment In Delhi


The root canal treatment incorporates cleaning and sterilizing of root canals and removal of the infected tissues. Depending on your condition, the dentist will carry this process out over 2/3 visits. If you have severe teeth infection, he will prescribe antibiotics for 3-5 days to reduce infection and pain. Moreover, he will provide local anesthesia to make you feel comfortable.

First, the dentist places a rubber dam around your severely infected teeth to ensure the teeth’s dryness and prevent contamination of canals. Then, he uses a dental drill to open the teeth’s upper layer and operate your teeth’s pulp chamber to remove its infection.

Next, he uses some small files to clean your teeth’ interior. The time taken for this process depends on your teeth’s infection. The molars and premolars contain 2 & 3 roots with various canals; hence, the root canal treatment will take more time to continue if your roots have more teeth. The dentist applies a temporary filling during the first visit after cleaning your teeth
completely. During the next visit, he removes this temporary filling, fills the canal and uses a crown to seal your teeth.


Laser dentistry is the trendiest innovation in root canal technology that cleans the root canal thoroughly with no use of hand files or drills. The laser technology easily reduces the infection and post-operative pain, reducing the possibility of side effects.

Advance Dental Clinic has performed many successful Root Canal Treatment in Delhi and is well resourced with advanced machines and treatment techniques. Call us today!