No prep veneers

If you live in Delhi and want to improve your smile without impacting your teeth’s natural structure, consider no-prep veneers from Advance Dental Clinic. If you are the right candidate, our experienced cosmetic dentist can conceal your discolored, uneven or cracked teeth beautifully without removing your natural enamel.

What Are No-prep Veneers?

The term ‘No-prep’ stands for ‘no preparation’. These veneers are installed with no grinding of the front teeth on which they are positioned. No-prep veneers are glued on completely cleansed teeth directly, made ready with particular products, even with no minimal invasive process. A patient does not feel uncomfortable and only in this case dentists can completely restore your smile without making you feel uncomfortable. Although it sounds a little weird, veneers that are glued like this are placed on the tooth firmly. They become part of the tooth and last for nearly 10 years, similar to traditional veneers.

Benefits of No-Prep Veneers

  • No tooth preparation needed
  • Deliver your best smile
  • Make your tooth’s natural color visible, while correcting unwanted imperfections
  • Preserve your tooth structure
  • Unleash a natural-looking smile
  • No need to visit the dentist frequently before applying the veneer
  • Conceal chipped, gapped, uneven, or crooked teeth

Results of Applying No-Prep Veneers

For anybody unsatisfied with the size, shape, and color of his/her teeth, a no-prep veneer can make a huge impact on his/her smile without impacting the tooth enamel. However, no-prep veneers are not right for every patient; hence you need to schedule an appointment with us to decide your candidacy.

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