What Is Dental Bleaching?

Bleaching is a process of lightening your teeth shade. The procedure includes the usage of a gentle solution put in a tailor-made tray worn over your teeth. No anesthetic is generally needed and no natural tooth surface is lost.

Types of Dental Bleaching

Dental bleaching is one of the creatively least invasive dental processes. Its high on demand among youth and results are magical. After a standard polishing and tartar removal on both jaws, as preparation of teeth bleaching, we provide 2 options to our patients:

  1. In-Office Bleaching (Active Bleaching)

This process is performed in our dental clinic and often needs more than one appointment. Our cosmetic dentist applies lubricant to your gums, leaving a protective dental dam for safeguarding your lips, tongue, and gum. After teeth cleaning and removing excess lubricant, our dentist applies conditioner to your teeth, finishing up with a rinse and dry. Then he applies the whitening solution to your teeth and left it to process. When the process is done, he will rinse and polish your teeth.

  1. At-Home Bleaching (Passive Bleaching)

This process is performed in the house under the instructions of our dentist and involves wearing a tailor-made tray with a gentle teeth bleaching solution. The dentist will give you instructions about when you should wear the tray and for how long. You will require returning to your dental clinic periodically to make sure the bleaching system is working efficiently and your gums and teeth stay healthy.

Lighten Your Teeth Shade With Bleaching At Advance Dental Clinic!

Teeth color is a vital feature of your smile. And if you are unpleased with the discoloration of your teeth, bleaching is the right option for you. To get several shades lighter color of your teeth, schedule an appointment with us!