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Dental braces are appliances utilized for correcting a misaligned jaw, called malocclusion, or crooked or crowded teeth. Braces are usually utilized during adolescence, but many adults also get corrective dental braces later in life. Braces are made of wires, ceramic or metal, and bonding material that fixes them to your teeth. Braces’ success rates vary based on your age when treatment starts and what your treatment objectives are. At Advance Dental Clinic, our orthodontist will recommend the most effective braces to help correct your specific issue.

Types of Dental Braces

The braces type that our orthodontist suggests will rely on different factors, such as whether you have crooked tooth alongside an overbite and your age. Braces are tailor-made and individual to the requirements of every person. Our orthodontist provides different types of braces, including:

1. Traditional/Metal Braces – These are made from high-end stainless steel and contain metal brackets that are attached to every tooth with a type of cement. A thin archwire is used to link the brackets to each other, which gives pressure on your teeth to help them move slowly into the right position.

2.  Ceramic/Clear Braces – These are the similar shape and size as metal braces, except that they have clear or tooth-colored brackets that mix into teeth. A few even utilize tooth-colored wires that are less traceable.

3. Self-Ligating/Damon Braces – These are made from similar materials like traditional ones. Damon braces don’t need the use of elastics, meaning less friction being placed on your tooth and fewer appointments. Having the same size as the traditional braces, they utilize a specialized clip in place of elastics for helping the archwire guide tooth to place.

4. Clear and Removable Aligners – Invisalign is a kind of clear aligner that can be utilized rather than Damon or metal braces. For eating and cleaning, they are removable and can be changed out for a newly made aligner every two weeks. These clear plastic aligners mimic mouth guards.

Best Orthodontist In Delhi

Braces perform by applying pressure on the jawline for changing the way your smile looks. Speak to our dentist in case you are willing to know about getting braces.